Method not found: ‘Void DatabaseObjects.IColumn.set_DataTypeSchema(System.String)

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Hello there,

I’m getting this message error: “Comparing Table bancos failed with error: Method not found: ‘Void DatabaseObjects.IColumn.set_DataTypeSchema(System.String)’.”. The compare operation stops and I can’t view the comparation results. I’m using version 1.1.23 on Mac OS version 10.14 (macOS Mojave).

Thanks in advance,

Flavio Takeda

tldr; kill the PostgresCompareWebApi process and restart

Hi Flavio,

Thanks for getting in touch. In the past when I’ve seen similar bug reports it has been due to on installing a new version PostgresCompare has not successfully killed and restarted the PostgresCompareWebApi process. PostgresCompareWebApi is a background process that the UI speaks to when you click “Compare” etc. Please find it via Activity Monitor or ps / kill etc. or restart your machine and restart PostgresCompare and see if the problem persists.


Hello Neil,

Thanks a lot! I restarted my mac as you suggested and everything worked!

Best regards,

Flavio Takeda